Mat shoots regularly on all current camera formats. He owns extensive camera and lighting equipment, which is carefully maintained and professionally serviced.

Click here to download a PDF version of Mat’s Equipment List.

Sony F5 Cinema Camera                                                 Sony A7s Mk ii
Canon C300
Canon CN7 Cine Zoom Lens
Canon L Primes & Zooms
Canon HJ Broadcast Lenses
Go Pro Kit with comprehensive range of grip.               Matte Box & Filters   Promist, Grads, N.D’s

DJI Ronin Gimbal
Sachtler 18 Tripod Standard & Baby Legs
Wally Dolly & Track   (4m Track)
Eazyjib mini jib
Panasonic LCD 9” Monitor Wireless                               Smart HD 5" Monitor
TV Logic 5”  Monitor


1.2 HMI
Kino Flo Divas
LED Panels
Dedo Lights
Arri Fresnel’s 650w, 300w
Chroma Key Drapes ( Blue/Green)
Black Drapes
5 seater VW Transporter crew van 

Additional kit required can be arranged on request. Professional crew members can be supplied for shoots.